Glass Pipes & Functional Art


The world of glass is always changing, it seems some trends come and go faster than the seasons roll by. We here at The Noon carry a wide variety of glass pipes and functional art so everyone can find a smoke wear they can feel comfortable with for you. If you need a simple Dugout or looking for intricate artistic pipes, we have something for you.

These are just some of the brands you’ll find in our shop:

illuminati Glass   |   DOOM Glass

 Purr Glass Pipes  |   Hugh Manchu Glass

Silika  |   Sovereignty glass   Toro

illadelph   |    HOPS Glass  |   JM Flow

GRAV labs |  Left Coast Glass |  Hi-Si Glass

Leisure Glassware |  Hemlock Glass  |  Mogli Glass

Adam Sultan   |   Bob Snodgrass   |   Slinger

Zach P    |     SALT   |    And Many More…